Amid broken marriage, Baltimore author Nova Walton-Marriott acquires God-manifested healing through new book

Instead, be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ. (GNT)


For Nova Walton-Marriott, it is beyond her even to this day why it all went down the way it did.

It is beyond her why what was supposed to be a God-ordained til-death-do-us-part covenant had suddenly turned out to be arguably the darkest season of her life.
“My marriage broke up in a very extreme way,” Walton-Marriott told Making Headline News this week.
So extreme, in fact, that Walton-Marriott’s spouse literally had no chills, particularly as it pertained to how he had gone about dishonoring his holy pledge to his wife and, most importantly, to Almighty God.
“He sent me visual proof of adultery and cut off contact with me for a year,” Walton-Marriott recalled. “I was depressed, angry, hopeless, and could barely get my head off my pillow for about two years.  My entire life began to flash in front of my face.”

But God Whom, much to the delight of Walton-Marriott, had ultimately stepped in and provided her with some much-needed solace.

Her marriage all but a distant memory, Walton-Marriott sensed it was time she count her losses and strive to heal. And not just as a strategic way to keep busy. But rather heal, according to God’s perspective.

“I started doing inventory, thinking about all my mistakes and trauma, my family, my choices and started doing everything I could to heal to include writing in a journal,” Walton-Marriott said. “I wrote for about six months before I decided to turn my words into a book.”

As it turned out, amongst the things that Walton-Marriott had come to discover was that her quest to compose a book essentially spearheaded her ability to heal appropriately, never to do anything out of hurt.

A native of Queens, New York, Walton-Marriott is the mastermind behind the spiritually-empowering book entitled, “The Sleeper Has Awakened,” a project she commenced to assembling back in May.

Walton-Marriott announced this week that her new book is currently available for presale ordering and that hardcopies can be purchased by contacting her via email at  The eBook version of Walton-Marriott’s  “The Sleeper Has Awakened” is also available for presale ordering through Amazon, she said.

For Walton-Marriott, she’s thoroughly convinced that amid her hurtful, heartbreaking marital dissolution, it was time to compose her book as a way to not just enabled her to heal, but to also help others who have endured a similar situation.

“I began writing the book about six months ago,” Walton-Marriott said. “After I had a rough draft, I sent it for editing to determine if I was moving in the right direction.  She gave me great feedback and told me I was going to help people with my story, that I would show the person crying themselves to sleep every night and that there is hope, but I needed to give more.”

Walton-Marriott then continued writing, she recalled. Interestingly, the more she wrote, the more God began to provide with more revelation.

The more revelation she acquired, the more she began to heal. The more she began to heal, the more she began to press and navigate toward the purpose for which she was created.

“I read it over and over again and the more I read, the more I remembered,” Walton-Marriott said. “I purged and purged and seven chapters, a foreword, introduction, survey, conclusion, photo journal and afterword later, I am done. I just completed the last piece.  I need to tweak a few things, but I anticipate sending the book for publishing by the end of the year.”

As for the divine message she aspires to send to her reading audience, Walton-Marriott emphasized it’s all about one’s ability to outlast the adversary.

“My message: If you confront your demons instead of suppressing and walking in shame and take responsibility for your part, you will learn a lot about yourself and begin to heal,” Walton-Marriott said. “There is power in truth.” 

Other books are certainly forthcoming, Walton-Marriott said.

“I have written a children’s book about autism,” she said. “It isn’t illustrated or published yet but, I hope to make that happen in the future.”

Interestingly, Walton-Marriott has announced the startup of her business venture, HIER SELF, LLC, which is a multi-functional business that will offer philanthropic efforts as well as motivational and development based components.

As for her newly-composed book, Walton-Marriott said: “The overall theme is (me) confronting myself and taking responsibility for the areas I could have done better.”

To her credit, she’s doing just that with God, her Helper, steering the way.

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