Houston’s Optimum Security Professionals President Marshall Isom bringing awareness to human trafficking

“I am confident that we will one day end the scourge of modern slavery, because I believe in those committed to this issue.” — Former U. S. President Barack Obama


DALLAS — Marshall D. Isom isn’t just your typical crime prevention professional.

He’s one who diligently thinks outside the box.
Consider, for instance, Isom’s steadfast approach to human trafficking.
“As a husband, father, and businessman, my public safety and security concerns are an extension of the daily thoughts I have for my immediate family and community as well as our staff, employees and clients,” Isom told Making Headline News this week.
It is due in large part because of Isom’s keen passion for combatting human trafficking that the President of Optimum Security Professionals has deemed it essential to stress to private businesses the importance of implementing a strategic and effective security plan for its respective establishments, particularly during arguably the busiest shopping season of the year.
Isom emphasized, among other things, that private businesses should strongly consider executing a security plan that includes — but isn’t limited to — manned patrols, video surveillance, radio communications, access controls.

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There are a variety of reasons why, he acknowledged.

“A crime prevention plan is the most essential tool local businesses and living communities can implement to deter and prevent all criminal activity, especially kidnapping simply because it’s proactive,” Isom said. “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.”

According to research implemented by Making Headline News, the publication has learned that human trafficking is extremely common in Texas.

For instance, according to a report at https://alliesagainstslavery.org/, approximately 79,000 minors and youth are victims of sex trafficking in Texas and approximately 240,000 workers are victims of labor trafficking.

There are currently 313,000 victims of human trafficking in Texas and traffickers exploit roughly $600 million from victims of labor trafficking in Texas, the report cited.

What’s even more astounding, the report said, is that minor and youth sex trafficking cost the State of Texas approximately $6.5 billion.


By definition, human trafficking is modern day slavery that customarily occurs when one person uses manipulation, threats and/or violence to control another person in order to take advantage of them for economic gain.

Also, human trafficking can take the form of labor exploitation where victims are forced to work without pay. Conversely, labor trafficking occurs across many different economic sectors and industries.

It may also come in the form of sex trafficking where vulnerable individuals are forced to participate in commercial sex acts through force, fraud or coercion (particularly when the individual is not yet 18 years of age).

Given such figures concerning human trafficking, Isom has gone to great lengths to send a rather direct and forthright message to private and local businesses.

“(I’m suggesting they consider) taking a greater interest, even responsibility, in your customers’ safety and security is just good business,” said Isom, who’s also Chairman and CEO of The Proverbs Group, LLC. “The customer’s perception is your reality, meaning if a customer feels threatened by simply visiting your store or shopping center, they are less likely to return. The goal of a company is to earn a customer for life. Please add private security to help reduce this horrific, life altering public safety issue.”

A credible security firm that is headquartered in Houston, specifically at 1980 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1500, in the Post Oak Central complex, Optimum Security Professionals’ longstanding mission is geared largely toward providing customer service oriented protection, which is the process of preventing the loss of life, property, or injury by strategically combining traditional aspects of guard services, most notably surveillance, client/guest engagement, crisis management, as well as patrolling with the skill and attitude of delivering helpful, professional, high quality assistance.

Optimum Security Professionals provides coverage to over 50 full, part-time, and seasonal (and event) clients throughout the Southeast Texas region, most notably schools, shopping centers, manufacturing and storage facilities.

“Our clients consistently express gratitude for an increase in customer service, job performance, and employee morale and the reduction in safety related events like slip, trip and fall reports and security incidents like breaking and entering, loitering, trespassing and domestic violence,” said Isom, alluding to what his company’s clients’ favorable feedback regarding its viable and strategic security presence.

A father of three who routinely stresses the importance of human trafficking awareness to his family, Isom stressed that private and local businesses often forget the power they have to influence change.

“Please ask your favorite businesses to consider adding security to their daily operations management plan,” Isom emphasized. “It’s also important that everyone learn self-defense. It could save your life. There are techniques that when practiced routinely, can increase your chances of surviving an abduction event.”

IN HIS OWN WORDS — “A crime prevention plan is the most essential tool local businesses and living communities can implement to deter and prevent all criminal activity, especially kidnapping simply because it’s proactive,” Isom said. “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.”

In a strategic attempt to bring about more awareness to human trafficking, Optimum Security Professionals will host a free monthly self-defense class for women in the Houston metropolitan area beginning in December, Isom said.

For more details on about these monthly sessions, visit Optimum Security Professionals at optimumsecuritypros.com/human-trafficking.


Houston entrepreneur Marshall D. Isom’s Optimum Security Professionals enjoying rapid growth in North and South Texas

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