August 14, 2022

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility, count others more significant than yourselves. (Philippians 2:3 ESV)


HAVING A MASSIVE IMPACT — A rising Texas-based nonprofit organization that has emerged as arguably the finest of its kinds since its ceremonious inception, Dr. Brendalyn Jackson’s Time To Heal America™ has become a fixture through the DFW Metroplex, in large part because its strategic mission is centered largely on being the change agent that will advocate, empower, and motivate people to come together as humanity, according to a detailed synopsis of this venture at

DALLAS — To her distinctly unique credit, coupled with the divine calling on her life, Dr. Brendalyn Jackson doesn’t take lightly the notable strides she’s made throughout an illustrious professional career that spans some three-plus decades.

During an exclusive interview with Making Headline News, when asked what she loves the most about her featured business endeavors, “I enjoy helping people reach their full potential and dreams,” says Dr. Brendalyn Jackson. She is the founder and president of Time To Heal America™.
What she appropriately describes as “success stories”, is largely in part the fuel that ignites her fervent desire to create and embrace others.
One success story at a time.
Time To Heal America™, a rising Texas-based nonprofit organization, has emerged as inarguably one of the finest of its kind. Since its ceremonious inception, Time To Heal America™ has become a fixture throughout the DFW Metroplex. Its strategic mission is centered largely on being the change agent that will advocate, empower, and motivate people to come together as humanity.  Find out more at:


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER — Time To Heal America™ is especially committed to shining the spotlight on what is known as The Learning Tree Institute, or “Project Resilience”. Classes start August 31, 2021 at a Dallas/Fort Worth-area college (for more information about this program email: 

In essence, Time To Heal America™ has truly evolved! It is THE beacon of light that company officials describe as a pivotal, (much needed) energetic, nonprofit work in this area. It serves as a community-based game changer.

“We formed our organization to provide sensible solutions,” said a spokesperson for Time To Heal America™. “We’ve consistently grown since then, all thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community.”

Other area organization officials have come to depend on our amazing team of volunteers. Time To Heal America™ has both regulars and part-time volunteers. All of whom are vastly committed to helping others to become better versions of themselves.

One success story at a time.

THE REASON BY OUR WHY — “Project Resilience” is designed to strategically provide a learning environment in which staff and students can discover, examine, preserve, and transmit knowledge and values that will help ensure their success to improve their quality of life, according to an overview of the curriculum at

With determination, tenacity, valiance, and resilience, Dr. Jackson has persevered.  Interestingly enough, Time To Heal America™ has become a well-grounded organization.  She has essentially aligned her life with GODs divine purpose.

“I was driven spiritually to start a nonprofit that would bring unity for all races and cultures,” Dr. Jackson told MHN. “The country needs a healing, and Time To Heal America™ will be a major force in helping to achieve that goal.”

Most importantly, Time To Heal America™ is especially committed to The Learning Tree Institute, or “Project Resilience.”  Orientation for “Project Resilience” is August 24th, with classes starting August 31, 2021, at a Dallas/Fort Worth-area college (for more information about this program, visit the website at or send an email to:

“Project Resilience” is strategically designed to provide a learning environment in which staff and students can discover, examine, preserve, and transmit knowledge. These values will help ensure success and improve their quality of life. Curriculum overview:–1.

Moreover, the goal through “Project Resilience” is to develop a community of what Time To Heal America™ officials refer to as well-rounded, confident, and responsible individual who aspires to achieve their full potential.

All of us at Time To Heal America™, alongside “Project Resilience” acknowledge the need for diversity. We are committed to creating, and sustaining an inclusive, yet respectful environment for all students.

Classes will be conducted twice a week for 12 months in-person. You must be at least 18 to enroll. No older than 60.  TTHA, business executives, university professors, and special guests will serve as class instructors.

(For more information about this program; email:


We will serve formerly incarcerated men and women from state and federal institutions to aid their re-integration back into society,” a spokesperson for TTHA said. “Individuals will learn and participate in educational training which will assist in building opportunities beyond finishing high school or getting a job.”

In addition, TTHA officials said, “instructors will cover a wide range of topics.  Particularly, those related to professional career development skills and entrepreneurship. As well as Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Communication.

After satisfactorily completing the 12-month program, each student will receive a certificate from an accredited college or university. There will be a graduation ceremony to celebrate the accomplishment of those individuals.

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Jackson — who holds a Doctorate in Theological Studies, Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Management — boasts a wealth of experience in her selected line of work, which has greatly enabled her to oversee the day-to-day operations of a credible nonprofit organization, one that continues to serve as one of Texas’ finest of its kind.

“I have been organizing and producing events and businesses for 30 years,” Dr. Jackson said. “I started incredibly young. My personal mission is to elevate as many lives as possible, one community at a time, and then America.”

One success story at a time.

For more information about Dallas/Fort Worth Businesswoman Dr. Brendalyn Jackson of Time To Heal America™, to inquire about “Project Resilience,” to make a donation, schedule her for a public appearance or speaking engagement, call 682.238.1779, or connect with her via social media at Facebook:; Instagram:; Twitter: Send email to: Also, write to: Time To Heal America™, P.O. Box 121801, Arlington, Texas 76012.


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