DESTINY STEPS: Las Vegas businesswoman Dr. Denise Gates functioning fervently in her element as the face of Gates To Success Consulting

She considers a field and buys it. With the fruit of her hands, she plants a vineyard. (Proverbs 31:16 ESV)


DESTINY STEPS — A Las Vegas-based firm that specializes in organizational development and leadership for businesses, schools, and churches, Denise Gates’ Gates To Success Consulting services the growing need for better management of people, particularly diverse teams. The firm helps inspire inclusion and respect for all by offering insight on how to select the right people and how to socialize them into organizations, according to a detailed synopsis of this company at

Say this about Dr. Denise Gates: She’s undoubtedly walking in the divine calling for which she was created.

“My calling is to help inspire leaders to create better workplaces for themselves and their teams,” Denise told Making Headline News during a recent interview. “We are striving for a win-win (situation) between employees and organizations, ensuring a good organizational fit is imperative to workplace success.”
To her distinctly unique credit, Dr. Gates’ proverbial “win-win” encounter has emerged largely by way of her well-publicized work as an author, business professor, and organizational development consultant, mostly as the face of Gates To Success Consulting.
A Las Vegas-based firm that specializes in organizational development and leadership for businesses, schools, and churches, Gates To Success Consulting services the growing need for better management of people, particularly diverse teams. The firm helps inspire inclusion and respect for all by offering insight on how to select the right people and how to socialize them into organizations, according to a detailed synopsis of this company at
“Turnover can be costly and time consuming, but Gates To Success Consulting can help reduce or eliminate many of those problems,” said Dr. Gates.


Having functioned fervently in her element dating back to 1997, Dr. Gates, who directed two leadership programs in Indiana, began putting her immeasurable gifts on display at national and international conferences.

“Later in 2004 and 2005, I started teaching my model to leaders,” Dr. Gates said. “I was eager to share with the world my organizational socialization model, which I had peer-reviewed and published. My goal was to help leaders devise a strategy to draw the greatest value out of people. I was motivated to disseminate information about organizational socialization by my desire to help leaders design winning teams.”

Suitably known as a business professor, Dr. Gates has become a fixture for specializing in strategic management and business communication. Generally, this is done mostly by way of her customarily composing textbooks, as well as books for practitioners, she said.

“I also serve as an organizational development consultant, focusing on organizational socialization and talent optimization,” Dr. Gates told MHN. “

A native of Chicago, Dr. Gates acknowledged she has always had the competitive drive to achieve her strategic goals and ambition — with God, her Helper, leading the way.

“When my older brother died in 1995, I felt compelled to do something even more meaningful with my life,” Dr. Gates recalls. “He always told me he was proud of me, so I wanted to honor his memory by leading a good life, helping others with my skills as a leader and consultant.” Her brother was proud of her voluntarily service efforts, which her brother often saw featured in the newspaper. Dr. Gates volunteered for the Youth Offering Understanding Through Helping. She volunteered for the Violence Intervention Project. She lobbied, as a volunteer, on Capitol Hill, seeking more funding for educational programs. More recently she has been appointed by Dr. Melida Barrow as ambassador for the sixth region of the Global Chamber of Commerce, another voluntary role. Additionally, as a volunteer, she will be speaking at a leadership conference in South Asia on her birthday, May 16. Dr. Gates has participated in a plethora of other voluntary roles for which her family said they were proud.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Gates emphasized that her strategic objective is centered on helping leaders with what she appropriately describes as “organizational socialization model,” this after seeing companies hire the wrong people, “which can be quite costly and time consuming,” she said.

“My goal is to help leaders create winning teams and maximize their effectiveness,” Dr. Gates said. “Talent optimization allows me to do that. We use employee data analytics to help leaders determine how their respective employees will add the greatest value to organizations. Our assessments are designed to help us explain to leaders how employees tend to function in teams. Then we devise strategies to assist teams in functioning more effectively and efficiently. I partnered with a company called Predictive Index. It’s a Boston-based consulting firm that has been around since 1955, and they have helped companies like TESLA enjoy greater success.”

Having acquired a doctoral degree and a post-doctorate degree in Organizational Communications and Management, Dr. Gates is an accomplished author in her own right, having published five books and numerous scholarly articles. Prior to enrolling in graduate school, she was afforded the golden opportunity to publish material on a weekly basis, particularly as a professional writer for a Christian insurance and financial services company based in Indiana.

When asked what she likes the most about her featured business endeavor, Dr. Gates alluded specifically to notable body of work through organizational socialization.

“I enjoy helping leaders achieve their organizational development goals, drawing the greatest value out of people,” Dr. Gates explained. “Organizational socialization is something we all experience, and I love teaching others about the process of socialization, which has to do with learning the ropes of a new company while learning how to function within the culture of that organization and profession.”

Much to her delight, Dr. Gates recalls vividly how she had her organizational socialization model peer reviewed and published in 2009 in Beijing.

“Prior to that, I presented my model at national and international conference, earning a research award for it at one convention,” Dr. Gates recalls. “Now I teach my model to senior-level leaders. With the great resignation, many leaders feel compelled to revisit the process of organizational socialization ensuring that they have a good organizational fit before they hire someone. Turnover can be costly and time consuming, and savvy leaders realize that retention is a smart investment.

“My talent optimization work fits nicely with organizational socialization because we are looking at how employees experience organizations and at how organizations interact with employees,” continued Dr. Gates, who was featured on Women Who Boss Up. “It’s a two-way street. Once leaders comprehend the process of organizational socialization, they can help facilitate the process for their members and employees. Likewise, employees and other members can be more intentional about how they are socialized into organizations and professions.”




Added Dr. Gates of her organizational socialization: “Recently, I collected some data to determine if my organizational socialization model resonated with others and, of the 70 people who responded, all of them said it did. Essentially, my model is indicative of how many people experience organizations. Consequently, leaders may want to take a look so they can enhance the socialization of their employees.”

A featured business venture that customarily services people and groups ranging in ages 21 to 65, Dr. Gates said her work tends to be popular amongst people who strive to be successful in the workplace, or leaders who care about developing successful employees and teams, as revealed in one of her books that explores superior-subordinate relationships.

“I have seen organizations hire people for the wrong reasons, people who were not good organizational fits,” Dr. Gates said. “Then when it does not work out, the organization is left having to replace those individuals. Sometimes, companies have to be realigned to help ensure that all the activities being performed in the company are going to contribute to the company’s strategy in a meaningful way.

“Companies often have gaps in what is needed and what they have,” added Dr. Gates, who has also shared her globally-acclaimed gifts in Seoul, Korea, Germany, Beijing, Columbia, Mexico, and throughout the United States. “Sometimes, they have employees who are plugged into the wrong areas of the company. They may have employees who don’t genuinely care about the company and who are so disengaged that their performance has been less than stellar. Disengaged employees are less productive, and this is not good use of organizational resources. Companies need employees who espouse similar values, who understand and care about the mission of their team and company, and who are engaged enough to carry out their duties well. Every activity in the company needs to be coordinated and tied to the company’s strategy in order to enjoy greater success.”

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