Georgia entrepreneur Nicole Wrice’s Magnolia Heart Nanny Services providing efficient childcare solutions

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14 NIV)


HEARTS OF GOLD — The proud founder and CEO of Magnolia Heart Nanny Services of Greater Atlanta, Nicole Wrice’s company is widely known for offering a full range of childcare solutions, accompanied by the goal of offering parents the peace of mind of hiring professional, trustworthy nannies and sitters who are passionate about the care and development of children

Some two years ago, Nicole Wrice discovered a need, particularly with regards to providing what she describes as quality care for children and families.

With God, her Helper steering the way, she has devised strategic and efficient ways to meet those needs.
“It isn’t really competition that drives me,” Wrice, a Columbus, Georgia-based businesswoman, told Making Headline News this week, when asked how her competitive drive in life propelled her for business venture. “I saw that there was a need of quality care for children and families that weren’t being met. I felt like someone had to offer more, to do it better…and I knew I could do it better. So I did.”
Indeed she has, having established a strategic and flourishing endeavor that is Magnolia Magnolia Heart Nanny Services of Greater Atlanta.


The proud founder and CEO of Magnolia Heart, Wrice’s company is widely known for offering a full range of childcare solutions, accompanied by the goal of offering parents the peace of mind of hiring professional, trustworthy nannies and sitters, who are passionate about the care and development of children.

Magnolia Heart Nanny Services of Greater Atlanta is located at 4 Bradley Park Court, Unit 2H.

“Whether parents are looking for a traditional nanny, a local babysitter for date nights, event childcare for a wedding, or backup childcare for employees, we are ready to connect them with a highly qualified caregiver to meet their unique needs,” said Wrice, 43, providing a detailed overview of Magnolia Heart.


  • Magnolia Heart Babysitters  is a database that brings local parents and babysitters together, offering parents the peace of mind of hiring a Magnolia dedicated babysitter that has been fully screened, background checked, and CPR certified.
  • Munchkins Corporate Care is the newest addition to the Magnolia Heart family, and offers organizations from small businesses to fortune 500 companies the opportunity to increase employee productivity, morale, and retention by offering a competitive back up childcare plan for working parents.  We also provide on-site event care for conventions, conferences, and other corporate events and, 
  • Magnolia Heart Nanny Services  (or MHNS) works closely with families to find fully screened, professional nannies that meet the unique needs of each family. We do all the work, and you interview and select the candidate that will be the best fit for your family.

A company that went into full operations in 2017, Magnolia Heart featured ventures: Magnolia Heart Nanny Services, Magnolia Heart Babysitters, and Munchkins Corporate Care.

A native of Homerville, Georgia, Wrice emphasized, among other things, that her primary objective through her progressive, thriving business is to routinely provide families with the quality and efficient care they deserve.

“I like knowing that I am making difference in the lives of children, parents, and nannies,” Wrice said. “I like helping nannies to grow and develop their skills and hearing success stories of how much they love the children and family when I check in with them after placement.

IN THE NEWS — Much to their delight, Gene and Nicole Wrice are starting to generate mainstream media headlines for all the right reasons. Gene Wrice is a United State Army Major.

The more she witnesses and hears of these proverbial feel-good stories, the more she becomes overwhelmingly grateful of the notion that she’s walking in the divine purpose for which she was created.

“I love hearing success stories from parents and nannies, like the parents who told me that their child with special needs is happy and secure and able to participate in extracurricular activities with the help of his nanny, rather than being kicked out of day care centers,” Wrice recalled. “I’m excited to see employees strive for their potential and feel cared for when businesses and corporations offer backup care services.”

All things considered, providing what Wrice and staff dub as “total care” is absolutely essential, particularly as it relates to the sustained success of Magnolia Heart.

“Our nannies work with any age and we even offer adult special needs care,” said Wrice, adding that her company’s private and corporate events typically offer childcare to children ranging in the ages of eight weeks to 12 years old.”

Much to Wrice’s delight, greater things are on the horizon for her endeavor in the coming months, she said.

Amongst those is the startup of Magnolia Heart Senior Care, which is scheduled to officially go into operations sometime in 2020.

“Also, we work with nannies of all ages to place them with the right family — many are college students — but we also have former teachers, nurses, and even grandmothers,” Wrice said.

Wrice’s Magnolia Heart Nanny Services’ original site is based in Columbus, Georgia. Consequently, there eventually arose a high demand for a second office that’s housed in nearby Atlanta.

FAMILY FOCUS — A company that went into full operations in 2017, Magnolia Heart featured avenues include: Magnolia Heart Nanny Services, Magnolia Heart Babysitters, and Munchkins Corporate Care.

“Our event care nannies work throughout the southeastern United States,” Wrice said. “Our newest sister company, Munchkins Corporate Care, is ready to assist businesses with back up childcare for their employees nationwide.”

To her credit, Wrice boasts an array of experience, which has greatly enabled her to functioning mightily in her element as the face of Magnolia Heart, considering she’s a military spouse of 19-plus years and a working mother of seven children, one of whom is of special needs.

“I have decades of experience working in the childcare industry as a nanny for military families,” said Wrice, the former owner of Little Bizzy Bees Daycare who also boasts more than two decades of experience in the medical field.

“So I can accurately say I’ve spent most of my life focused on helping children grow, develop, and learn in a loving, safe environment. I personally understand the enormous obstacles that parents face when looking for reliable childcare, especially for children who have special needs,” continued Wrice, adding that she was inspired by her daughter with special needs and her late father to advance Magnolia Heart.

Interestingly, Wrice also credits her grandmother for having played an integral role in her entrepreneurship success.

“A lot of my passion comes from her,” Wrice said of her grandmother. “We have a large family.”

A little more than two years removed from having established what is shaping up to be a company whose best and brightest days are well ahead of it, Wrice doesn’t shy away from the notion that Magnolia Heart is positioning itself fervently to have a national impact — much sooner than later.

“Seeing the need for quality childcare for working families led me to start a full service nanny agency that has a business model focused on the well-being of both the family and the nanny,” she said. “We’re looking to do business with corporations. We offer corporate backup care and corporate on-site event childcare.”

That’s not all, Wrice acknowledged.

“We’re looking to do business with corporations through Munchkin Corporate Care and that’s where we do backup childcare for corporations and their employees,” Wrice added. “They can give us a call or they can request a meeting. We are nationwide for onsite event childcare and we are nationwide for corporate backup childcare.”


Columbus, Georgia business couple Gene and Nicole Wrice: What You Need To Know

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