Texas businesswoman Dr. Marie Alcazar’s Built4Agility is centered on addressing social injustice in America

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. (Luke 12:48 NIV)


ON A MISSION — Built4Agility is a Houston-area, non-profit management consultancy, specializing in public safety transformation. Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Dr. Marie Alcazar is the Founder and Chief Transformation Officer of Built4Agility, a non-profit Management Consultancy specializing in Public Safety Transformation, Community Relations, and the Psychology of Law Enforcement.  With more than 25 years of industry experience, she is leading the charge to take police reform from theory to action. “We are committed to addressing the issues of systemic racism and redefining the relationship between law enforcement and the community,” Dr. Alcazar stated.

When asked who or what fueled her desire to take on such a cause, Dr. Alcazar was rather forthright and direct …, “when I founded Built4Agility in October 2019, I knew there was something important I was supposed to be doing but things were still a little unclear as to what would be my target market.”

Built4Agility was developed and founded on what Dr. Alcazar appropriately deems a few simple principles:

  • “To Whom much is given, much is required.”
  • “Serving is never a sacrifice; it’s a privilege.”
  • “Wisdom, education, and pivoting with a growth mindset can change the future of work, family, community, and even Public Safety in America.”
Dr. Marie

The killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 not only ignited a global revolution for social justice, it put into perspective Dr. Alcazar’s vision and purpose for Built4Agility.

Dr. Jacque

“There could never be more meaningful work than addressing the issues of humanity,” said Dr. Alcazar. She went on to state, “When I was laid off in May of this year, at first, I was set aback but, only for a moment. I quickly realized this was God’s plan and I embraced the opportunity to do what I was uniquely designed to do, which is to change the hearts and minds of people.”

Dr. Verdi

As Dr. Alcazar further reflected on her career she affirmed, “everything that I have learned and experienced throughout my journey has prepared me for this point in time.” She goes on to state, “what’s most amazing about this journey is the fact that I am sharing it with a gifted team of people who are walking in their purpose alongside me. It is simply amazing, one door after another has been opened, one person after another has been sent to serve with passion and purpose.”

Det. Watkins

For what it’s worth, Dr. Alcazar’s unceremonious exit from Corporate America, by all accounts, was a blessing in disguise, considering such an unlikely transition had subsequently empowered her to embrace her divine purpose.

Yep. That’s just like God, always miraculously providing for His children a much-anticipated harvest after their dreaded season in the wilderness.”

It just goes to show, that when you stay true to who you are, success undoubtedly will follow.  If anyone could affirm this notion, surely, Dr. Alcazar can.

Amid a challenging economy, global pandemic, and a humanitarian crisis, Built4Agility seeks to amplify and mobilize the gifts of its founder and partners to make a difference within communities where there is a need for transformation. This team of thought leaders, practitioners, and disruptive innovators bring decades of experience in Corporate America, Law Enforcement, and the United States Military.

“Our mission is to equip public safety organizations and the community with the skills and capabilities required to address the issues of systemic racism, implement police reforms, and redefine community relations.  Our goal is to create awareness, harness the power of our collective voices, and accelerate police leadership to action,” Dr. Alcazar states.

Dr. Alcazar is flanked and fueled by an amazing team of expert practitioners: Dr. Jacque Colbert (HR Executive), Dr. Verdi Lethermon (Clinical Psychologist), and Detective Lance Watkins (Veteran Law Enforcement Officer).

MORE ON BUILT4AGILITY : https://www.built4agility.org/

Built4Agility will host Let’s H.E.A.R. the Voice of the Community on September 20th and 23rd, 2020. This is the first step in improving our nation– one person and one community at a time. This is a call to action for all citizens regardless of race, gender, or creed to take a seat at the table.

Built4Agility will host Let’s H.E.A.R. the Voice of the Community on September 20th and 23rd, 2020. This is the first step in improving our nation– one person and one community at a time. This is a call to action for all citizens regardless of race, gender, or creed to take a seat at the table.

“We all have a role to play in changing the trajectory of Public Safety in America,” she states. You do not want to miss this opportunity to be a part of the solution to reconcile and heal the relationship between Law Enforcement and the Community.

To RSVP for Let’s H.E.A.R go to www.Built4Agility.org/lets-hear.

For more information about Built4Agility, becoming a community supporter, working with us, or making a contribution, please call 832.853.3666 or connect with us online at
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