LIFESTYLE NEWS: Dr. Denise Gates: What You Need To Know About This Las Vegas Empowerment Extraordinaire

EDITOR’S NOTE: This the second of a two-part Making Headline News series about Las Vegas-area entrepreneur, Dr. Denise Gates


Gates to Success Consulting is a firm operated by Dr. Denise Gates who partners with PREDICTIVE INDEX, specializing in Organizational Development and Leadership for businesses, schools, and churches. When you work with Gates To Success Consulting, you will gain invaluable insight on how to better: 1) Improve organizational effectiveness; 2) Overcome challenges with organizational fit, retention, and socialization; 3) Optimize teams; 4) Enhance internal and external customer service so as to gain a greater competitive advantage. Our goal is to help you draw the greatest value out of people with proven techniques.


“I have seen organizations hire people for the wrong reasons, people who were not good organizational fits,” Dr. Gates said. “Then when it does not work out, the organization is left having to replace those individuals. Sometimes, companies have to be realigned to help ensure that all the activities being performed in the company are going to contribute to the company’s strategy in a meaningful way.

“Companies often have gaps in what is needed and what they have,” added Dr. Gates, who has also shared her globally-acclaimed gifts in Seoul, Korea, Germany, Beijing, Columbia, Mexico, and throughout the United States. “Sometimes, they have employees who are plugged into the wrong areas of the company. They may have employees who don’t genuinely care about the company and who are so disengaged that their performance has been less than stellar. Disengaged employees are less productive, and this is not good use of organizational resources. Companies need employees who espouse similar values, who understand and care about the mission of their team and company, and who are engaged enough to carry out their duties well. Every activity in the company needs to be coordinated and tied to the company’s strategy in order to enjoy greater success.”

In essence, Dr. Denise Gates is a senior consultant who collaborates with high-caliber leaders to overcome obstacles they encounter implementing processes, managing personnel or students, leading teams, retaining customers and employees, etc. Gates to Success Consulting Group works with organizations to draw the greatest value out of people using process improvement techniques.

Generally, Dr. Denise Gates’ first consulting assignment was in 1998 with a national insurance company. She was part of a team that conducted an audit, a communication assessment, designed to identify problems impeding the success of three large departments. After extensive research, Dr. Gates’ consulting group devised a strategy to help the insurance firm overcome several obstacles. Dr. Gates and her group provided the firm with a detailed report as well as a face-to-face presentation to top leaders, so the firm could enjoy greater success.


DESTINY STEPS: Las Vegas businesswoman Dr. Denise Gates functioning fervently in her element as the face of Gates To Success Consulting

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