10 thoughts on “Memphis Christian-based author Debora Taylor’s ‘Tying The Knot Between Ministry And The Marketplace’ helping advance the Kingdom

  1. This is amazing!! Great job Andre on capturing my friend and Faithprenuer Coach Pastor Debora Taylor!!!! Blessings

  2. Absolutely astounding creative vessel of God Pastor- woman of many gifts and talents, Debora Taylor. Thanks for your commitment to the Kingdom of God.

  3. Your story is powerful! Instead of dwelling on why you became unemployed in that season, you created an even more impactful opportunity. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Knowing Mrs. Debora Taylor, she is an awesome extraordinary woman of God she’s an awesome mother, pastor, best friend and wife so much more . This article is amazing God bless to the reporter and Mrs. Taylor, books will a blessing to many in the Ministry and Marketplace.

  5. Thank you for paving the way for many Pastor Taylor. Let your voice continued to be heard because it’s inspiring many including myself. Thank God for you!!

  6. This book will not only inspire but empower all those who struggle with being authentic in the market place.

  7. Awesome article!! Get it girl! I love what you are doing. This spoke to me..
    “Our challenges, blunders, lessons, pitfalls, and triumphs can promote all of us into an extraordinary future.” It added on and confirmed things that God said to me yesterday. ❤❤

  8. Ms.Taylor is a phenomenal leader and business woman! I am elated about everything she does. She is truly on the move!!!

  9. What an amazing story? When life thinks it can knock us down we stand and serve life a notice and let it know I may be moved but not destroyed, I may have been attacked but I am not discouraged, I may get hit but the sting won’t last long. God is AWESOME!! Eyes has not seen and ears has not heard????

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